Saturday, October 8, 2011

Project #1 - Master Bedroom

The last few months have been busy around our house and I can't wait to show you what I have been up to! We moved into a new condo in March and I have been busy turning it into "home" and *hopefully* using some of the rooms for my portfolio.

Project #1- Finally finishing our Master Bedroom
I feel like our bedroom as been in a state of flux since 2009. We have lived in three different "homes" since our wedding in May 2009 and each time our bedroom has changed. One thing we have always had is a very comfortable king size (a must in my opinion!) and an upholstered headboard (DYI project with details coming!). I want a soothing abode, but not something that is boring. Our color palette is "neutrals with a hint of blue".

Here are some sneak peaks of my inspiration for our bedroom...
We have (and love) a duvet and throw pillow in Pottery Barn Medici Blue and defnitely wanted to keep it in the room.
We already have an upholstered headboard (which I DIY'd...twice), but do I LOVE an upholstered bed! I do not, however, love the $3,000+ price tag on most of them. Never fear...I have plans to turn my regular old bed frame into a fabulous upholstered bed! Here are some of my inspiriational pics...

I also have a few painting projects in store...including painting our existing side tables and dressers and something similar to these fabulous stenciled walls! I LOVE wallpaper, but since we are renting right now, something a little less permanent is in order...

Finally, these are some images that set the mood...hee hee...and show the feeling we are going for. 
source unknown for last two pictures
 Stay tuned...

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Something to "settee" on

Since we moved into a large condo back in March (pictures will be coming as we "finish" projects), I have been shopping for the perfect piece of furniture to add to our living room. We had an old hand-me-down mauve, floral sofa (not exactly in my design plan) and two chocolate velvet slipper chairs. I was dying to replace it with something more modern and neutral, so we looked and looked and looked, and finally found something perfect.
Next we started searching (ie. I started pinning) ideas for a new piece. We love to entertain and wanted to make sure we didn't loose too much seating. I decided that a settee/ loveseat would be perfect - doesn't take up to much space and still provides seats for our football-watching/ Catchphrase-playing friends!
Here are some of the pieces I liked...

I quickly realized that most of my favorites were traditional Camelback sofas in updated fabric....More to come on the settee search and other projects around the house!