Friday, October 16, 2009

Muse of the Moment

Happy Friday :)

Today is Boss' Day (apparently) and since I am currently a boss (of 75 college students actually) I was greeted by an office filled with blue, pink, yellow and orange streamers, balloons, confetti, a card and beautiful fall flowers :)

Wanna see???

Can you see my little orange and burgundy flowers on the desk? Well they are the muse of my muse :)

Fall Flowers and Decor!

I am itching to finish decorating my home for Fall. I am not really into Halloween decor - I prefer to channel "Autumn" in general! Here are some faves from today...

Love the bow on this one - I have a soft spot for bows

I love the simplicity of this one

These last 2 make me weak in the knees!

I want this one in my dining room asap!

I don't know about you but I am seriously craving some hot mulled apple cider...mmmmm :)

Have a fabulous weekend!!!

*photo credits: (1) your truely (2,8,9)Martha (3-7)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Muse of the Moment

Today's muse: Cinnamon Rolls

We have overnight guests on coming on Friday night and I am making these for breakfast!

Are you hungry?? I don't know if I can wait til Saturday ... I think I may need to test this recipe tonight ;)

*Pictures and recpie from SugarLaws

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Muse of the Moment

As you can tell by the date of my last post, I am certainly not doing a super job about keeping up with my new blog baby. :( If this is a foreshadowing of how attentive I will be as a real's a very good thing that is quite a way in the future!

My goal is to blog about something, ANYTHING once a day. I am calling these posts "Muse of the Moment" and they may be anything from a room I am inspired by to a new pair of shoes to food that I am craving.

Today's Muse:

The Skirted Console Table...

*image credit Little Green Notebook

*image credit unknown

Not exactly a console table but similar idea...

*image credit Urban Grace Interiors

I just love the traditional look of these skirted tables but also love the fact that you can do a really fun print and have them make a big statement.

I currently have a sideboard in our dining room that does NOT compliment the other dining room furniture. I love the piece and will most likely use it in another room down the road so I don't want to replace it right now. The storage in it is also amazing and we need it to house all of our wedding gifts!

I am thinking about making a table skirt for it (hopefully with some help from my mother - the expert seamstress!).

At this point I am sure no one is reading this - but if you are, any thoughts?