Saturday, November 17, 2012

Striped Hallway Makeover

Even though we're still renters, I can't resist the urge to make our place more "ours". We are very fortunate and were allowed to paint our condo as long as it stayed in the same color palette as what the owners had painted....which we begrudgingly lovingly refer to as the Sahara Desert. The color throughout most of our home - entry, kitchen, living and dining rooms is the color you would imagine inside a mud hut. It's not my favorite. I haven't been able to convince Mister to paint the entire living space yet, so we just pretend we are in the Mojave for now. We did paint our bedroom a few months back and after that, I was bitten hard by the "painted patterned wall" bug! I was able to convince my sweet mom to assist one Saturday morning and a couple hours later, we had a new an improved entry way! I love it and it certainly will not be my last stripey wall!

The biggest piece of advice I have to offer if you are tackling this project is to MEASURE CAREFULLY! we measured, taped, and then had to measure again. That was not fun. Also, take care to make sure your lines a straight...the few extra minutes it takes will save you lots of re-do time later.

There are so many fun options for painting stripes, you can do contrasting colors, tone-on-tone, or for an even more subtle effect, try using a different finish of the same color paint like eggshell and semigloss. For my project, I just mixed some white into a leftover can of the original wall color until I came up with something I liked.

First you will want to measure the height of your wall and figure out how many stripes you want and how wide they should be. I went with nine 9" stripes. Tape them off (the sections you aren't painting should be much more narrow than the ones you are painting because your tape will overlap into that section. After you tape, recheck your measurements and use a level to make sure your lines are straight. If you have the original wall color (your your base color) paint it lightly over your tape line, this way if any paint bleeds under the tape, it will match the original color and won't be noticeable.
Then paint your 2nd color in the larger spaces. Be careful not to use too much paint near the tape line, otherwise it will bleed underneath.

Let the paint dry for a couple hours but not overnight. I have learned - the hard way- that you should take tape off, carefully, when it is just barely still wet. If you let the tape dry overnight it is more likely to pull up the paint underneath.
And there you have it! Easy horizontal striped walls! Now all you have left to do it decorate them! I hung one of our favorite wedding pictures along with two vacation photos I took during our last trip to Mexico!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Felt Wreath for Fall

I must admit, I haven't been into Fall decorating this year. I am already finding myself thinking about Christmas and longing for the twinkle of Christmas lights around our home. This is totally unlike me. I am usually all about each or the seasons because each is an opportunity to decorate my home, but this Fall has been crazy...I just made chili for the first time last week! Usually chili and my famous Jalapeno Cheddar Cornbread...I'll share soon...are every-Sunday rituals. But, so far, this Fall has gotten away from me, and the 70 degree weather hasn't helped much either. I haven't even worn a real sweater yet this year!

I hate for Fall to get gypped, so I got around to putting out a few pumpkin candles and a fall-ish tablescape and this wreath! I gathered inspiration for Pinterest, where else? Here are some of my inspiration wreaths 1 , 2, 3 Once I got inspiried, I picked up all of the materials and got busy crafting this pretty Fall Felt Wreath. At least our front door is feeling in the love this season.

 Isn't she lovely? I think so :) Here's what you need and how to make a Felt Flower Wreath for yourself!

What you need:
Wreath form (I used a large straw one)
Spool of yarn (whatever color your heart desires)
Multiple colors of felt (I used 9 - 8 1/2 x 11 sheets for mine)
Hot glue gun and plenty of sticks
Ribbon to hang it

Now let's get started! The first and most tedious and annoying step (which I also forgot to photograph - woops!) is to wrap your wreath. This took a.long.time. I would recommend doing this while you watch a TV show...or seven.

Next cut your felt. You need to make squiggly lines out of the square fabric. I used two different of each are below. Length of the strip will determine how large your flower is, so experiment a little. I used various sizes and liked that look. You also want to leave a round..or oval if that's how it works out, piece at the bottom for stability.

Next you need to take each length of felt "ribbon" and roll it into a tight rosette. I didn't think this would work as well as it did, but the felt really weaves its way into a pretty flower...with just a little coaxing.

Use your hot glue to secure the bottom. You will also secure a round piece of cardboard, which will help when you attach to the wreath.

Before you start gluing them to the wreath, lay it on the table and play around with the placement until you have a good idea of what looks right. Once you have it all worked out and all of your felt flowers are glued in to place, attach and ribbon and hang on your door!

And voila, you're done!

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