Wednesday, December 16, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas....

Decorating for Christmas is honestly something that I find completely overwhelming! I have never been one for decorating every room in my home - my Grandmother even decorates the bathroom (toilet and all!). I prefer to create a few vignettes around the house that make it feel more "holiday-ish". One of my least favorite parts of holiday decorating is hanging ornaments on the tree...I know, maybe I am a Scrooge :( but I would much rather sit and sip hot cocoa and tell the hubby where I want them hung :)

With all that said, I absolutely LOVE the way our home looks when I am all finished and without further is our "home for the holidays"!
Our entryway:

On the right is a mini-tree I received as a gift at my Christmas Shower last year. The tall mercury glass apothecary jar is from Pottery Barn on sale last year after the holidays. The large frame holds our wedding invitation and the small frame holds one of our most favorite wedding pictures :) :) Finally I just filled a small vase with mini christmas balls from Target.

Our dining room:

Since we have a faux tree :) I wanted to use live greenery in other arrangements around the house. The color scheme in our dining room is turquiose and red so this arrangement went well. I think candles make everything seem so much more festive! The mis-matched glass taper holders are all thrift store finds and I love them! This is my favorite :)

Living Room:

This arrangement is on top of our upholstered ottoman (which I upholstered myself - a tutorial on that is coming up soon!). I filled our tray with both live and faux greenery pick from the dollar store(!!), candles, pine-cones and of course, a Poinsettia.

This is just a little something from the bar in our kitchen.

Last but not least...beautiful tree!

Our tree is a gift from my grandmother and originally had very our ugly interesting fiber optic lights that constantly changed colors! For this "I only like white lights girl", that just was not working! My poor husband had to take down the tree, take apart the tree's base and figure out how to take the light wheel out. We still have fiber optic lights but at least they are only white!

Now I just wish I would keep them up all year!


Muse of the Moment: Chocolate :)

I know, I know...this blog is supposed to be *mostly* about Interior Design but its Christmas!!! and that means I have LOTS of other things on my brain these of those being...CHOCOLATE!!!!

My office is having a "holiday party" tomorrow and I am making this. Blog readers, may I introduce you to heaven Chocolate Eclair Cake/ Dessert. Your lives will never be the same! This is SO delicious and SO easy!

Chocolate Eclair Dessert Recipe
1 Box Graham Crackers
 1 Lg+1 Sm box Vanilla Pudding
1 8oz Cool Whip
3 Cups Milk
1 container chocolate frosting
Combine pudding mix with milk until smooth. Then fold in cool whip. Layer graham crackers, pudding mixture, graham crackers, pudding mixture and one more layer of graham crackers in a 9x13 baking dish. Microwave frosting until spreadable and pour/spread on top. Refrigerate for 8 hours.
Devour :)

I am also making these and putting them in pretty little bags for all of my co-workers :)



Friday, December 11, 2009

All I want for Christmas is...

I think one of the funniest things about getting older is noticing how much your Christmas List changes from year to year. Several years ago there is absolutely no way that I would have asked for a book on upholstery as a gift! Oh how things (and life) change :) I am adding this list mostly to benefit my family members who are shopping for me :) but if anyway can offer advise on any of these items (or additions or substitiutions to the list) please feel free! :)

First up and MOST important!!! also has a cool kit with accessories!

I will need this to tell me how to use it :)

This too...

I would also like subscriptions to all of these! They are super cheap here...
(Santa already got the House Beautiful !)


I would also like this or this ... because I am turning into an old lady... :) :)

I can not wait to watch this over and over again! :)
(Santa also already got this one!)

Last, but not least, I would like one of these...but maybe for my b-day?

What's on your list???

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Friday, December 4, 2009

Muse of the Moment: Christmas Decor

With only 3 weeks 'til Christmas I am definitely getting into the spirit of the season. I am listening to holiday tunes on Pandora :) and planning out the Holiday decor for my rooms! We live in a great area of our city that has lots of shops and restaruants and a huge fountain and park area and tonight they are kicking off the season with the lighting of a HUGE tree, fireworks, music and food! I am SO EXCITED! Then I am enlisting Nick's help with our own decorating :)

Here are some inspirational images I am loving this week :)

I would like to hang this on my front door...

Then the front of my house would look like this.... ;)

I L-O-V-E Magnolia wreaths and garland!

I am also loving these beauties! I would love to see the red one hung over a huge mirror is my dining room :)

Just a  few more wreaths that I love!

How cute is this Christmas Tree Placecard?

These would be PERFECT in our Aqua and Red dining room!

This is a DIY project on my Christmas Decorating To-Do List! I will post pics when it's done!

Have a lovely weekend :)

Image Credits: and Southern Living online

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Welcome Back :)

I'm back! The hubbs and I had a fantastic Thanksgiving with our family in Maryland! I made my first ever pumpkin pie! Look how lovely! Complete with Pecan Praline Topping and handmade leaves on the very Martha of me :)

Then we headed to FLORIDA to see our beloved GATORS play their final game of the season @ THE SWAMP!! It was an incredibly fun trip. I surprised Nick with tickets about 2 weeks ago ... I think it won me the "coolest wife ever" award :)

Then we spent a day in Tampa/ St. Petersburg

So... now to the "Ta-Da List" I have been promising!

First is the ugly, bachelor pad shelving unit from our Guest Room/ Office. I made a skirt of this piece to hide its unattractive design and to camoflouge all of the stuff we need to keep in it!


sooo much better, right? The sewing took me hours and hours because I am just learning how to sew but the outcome is great! All you need to make a skirt for your own ugly shelving unit is....

Email me   if you would like a full tutorial of this project!

Stay tuned tomorrow for the next *Ta -Da* project!


Friday, November 20, 2009

Happy Friday

So...I DID finish some of my TA-DA projects and I will post them very soon but things have {once again} been crazy busy in my world - another big event this weekend and then I would like to curl up and take a long nap right here! Doesn't it just look so comfy and cozy??

And I just couldn't help but post this one as well .... not nearly as nap inducing but I just LOVE LOVE LOVE the mirrored canopy bed and the upholstery inside! Gorgeous!

Happy Weekend :)

{photo credits: (1)photo by Vistoria Pearson from House Beautiful, (2)Room by Jonathan Berger from House Beautiful}

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Well ... my day started with 2 pairs of ripped pantyhose, a holy sweater and a Venti Hot Tea spilled all over my desk....lets just say it has been one of THOSE days. Anyway, this weekend my in laws are coming to visit. My MIL has seen our place (briefly) and my FIL has not so I want it to look great! The hubs keeps telling me that they won't care how it looks but I still want it to "be all that it can be" :) Needless to say I have a HUGE to do list - most of which are DIY projects that I will be sharing with YOU!

So here goes:
1) Finish re-upholstering the living room coffee table ottoman (I actually did this last night and will post pics soon!)

2) Make skirt for ugly silver and black shelving until in Guest Bedroom. This space functions as our office and guest bedroom and houses an ugly college/ bachelor pad shelving until that we NEED to keep for storage but I hate how it looks. This tasks involves sewing....which should be interesting. Right now it looks similar to this...ick.

3) Try out this project on some frames in our Master Bedroom to inject some color. Ps. I am also looking for Kelly green accents for this room so let me know if you have good sources!

4) Re-Vamp 4 Lamps. A couple need to be painted and all shades need some updating. However, I will need to go outside to get this done and this weather is NOT making that easy!

5) update fall decor and make/ find a fall wreath for the door.

Well there is my TO-DO list for the week. Hopefully it will be a TA-DA list by Saturday!
Photo Credits: (1) googleimages (2) (3-4) Martha

Thursday, November 5, 2009




I would possibly give my left arm to have this in my bedroom...

GORGEOUS "Bone Inlaid Chest" from here

Now if only it would go on sale a LITTLE more!

Thomas Wold Design

If you have never seen this website you NEED to click on this link!
This guys furniture is amazing! Not exactly the style I have in my own home but I love it! I think one of these pieces would be so cool in a teen or childs room or in a sleek loft!
This piece is my favorite!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I Like Your Style....

Ever wonder what your "design style" is? Maybe you know what you like but wonder if there is a name for it? I self-identified - without the use of WebMD :) as "Updated Traditional" but I don't always think that sums up everything that I love. Every time we shop my mom says "its a good thing you are going to be an interior designer because you love too much stuff " :) my hubby would concur! Of course the best interiors are a mix of many styles but sometimes you can only re-decorate a room so many times before your better half puts their foot down!

Anyway, I found this quiz over at this blog today and tried it....and then I tried some more.

According to Ethan Allen, my "lifestyle preference" is...
ESTATE (click for more pics)

However I think CasaSugar gave me a better diagnosis...
Eclectic Chic
Your design tastes tend to be quite eclectic. You love boutiques, thrift stores, and picking up knick-knacks in foreign lands. But, you also bought your sofa at CB2 and your dishes at Pottery Barn, and inherited some vintage textiles from your mother. What's great about your tastes is that they can't be pinpointed.

Now go try it yourself and tell me what you are!

Monday, November 2, 2009

monday, lovely and six

It is a rainy, overcast monday here in VA which makes me want to be at home with a cup of tea watching a movie...but, alas, I am not.
Instead I have been using my time wisely and blog stalking :) Today I found this lovely Etsy Store. I will take one of each please!

They are so lady-like and lovely!

On another husband and I are celebrating 6 months of wedded bliss today - it has been a wonderful, interesting learning experience that is incredibly rewarding and gets better everyday. Nick, if you are reading this...I love you!

Just a little walk down memory lane curtosy of our photographers blog!