Well ... my day started with 2 pairs of ripped pantyhose, a holy sweater and a Venti Hot Tea spilled all over my desk....lets just say it has been one of THOSE days. Anyway, this weekend my in laws are coming to visit. My MIL has seen our place (briefly) and my FIL has not so I want it to look great! The hubs keeps telling me that they won't care how it looks but I still want it to "be all that it can be" :) Needless to say I have a HUGE to do list - most of which are DIY projects that I will be sharing with YOU!

So here goes:
1) Finish re-upholstering the living room coffee table ottoman (I actually did this last night and will post pics soon!)

2) Make skirt for ugly silver and black shelving until in Guest Bedroom. This space functions as our office and guest bedroom and houses an ugly college/ bachelor pad shelving until that we NEED to keep for storage but I hate how it looks. This tasks involves sewing....which should be interesting. Right now it looks similar to this...ick.

3) Try out this project on some frames in our Master Bedroom to inject some color. Ps. I am also looking for Kelly green accents for this room so let me know if you have good sources!

4) Re-Vamp 4 Lamps. A couple need to be painted and all shades need some updating. However, I will need to go outside to get this done and this weather is NOT making that easy!

5) update fall decor and make/ find a fall wreath for the door.

Well there is my TO-DO list for the week. Hopefully it will be a TA-DA list by Saturday!
Photo Credits: (1) googleimages (2) (3-4) Martha


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