I Like Your Style....

Ever wonder what your "design style" is? Maybe you know what you like but wonder if there is a name for it? I self-identified - without the use of WebMD :) as "Updated Traditional" but I don't always think that sums up everything that I love. Every time we shop my mom says "its a good thing you are going to be an interior designer because you love too much stuff " :) my hubby would concur! Of course the best interiors are a mix of many styles but sometimes you can only re-decorate a room so many times before your better half puts their foot down!

Anyway, I found this quiz over at this blog today and tried it....and then I tried some more.

According to Ethan Allen, my "lifestyle preference" is...
ESTATE (click for more pics)

However I think CasaSugar gave me a better diagnosis...
Eclectic Chic
Your design tastes tend to be quite eclectic. You love boutiques, thrift stores, and picking up knick-knacks in foreign lands. But, you also bought your sofa at CB2 and your dishes at Pottery Barn, and inherited some vintage textiles from your mother. What's great about your tastes is that they can't be pinpointed.

Now go try it yourself and tell me what you are!


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