Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Something to "settee" on

Since we moved into a large condo back in March (pictures will be coming as we "finish" projects), I have been shopping for the perfect piece of furniture to add to our living room. We had an old hand-me-down mauve, floral sofa (not exactly in my design plan) and two chocolate velvet slipper chairs. I was dying to replace it with something more modern and neutral, so we looked and looked and looked, and finally found something perfect.
Next we started searching (ie. I started pinning) ideas for a new piece. We love to entertain and wanted to make sure we didn't loose too much seating. I decided that a settee/ loveseat would be perfect - doesn't take up to much space and still provides seats for our football-watching/ Catchphrase-playing friends!
Here are some of the pieces I liked...

I quickly realized that most of my favorites were traditional Camelback sofas in updated fabric....More to come on the settee search and other projects around the house!

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  1. Hey Sarah! Found your blog through Pinterest! I love the chevron patterned one! Have you thought about recovering your current sofa?


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