Something to "settee" on

Since we moved into a large condo back in March (pictures will be coming as we "finish" projects), I have been shopping for the perfect piece of furniture to add to our living room. We had an old hand-me-down mauve, floral sofa (not exactly in my design plan) and two chocolate velvet slipper chairs. I was dying to replace it with something more modern and neutral, so we looked and looked and looked, and finally found something perfect.
Next we started searching (ie. I started pinning) ideas for a new piece. We love to entertain and wanted to make sure we didn't loose too much seating. I decided that a settee/ loveseat would be perfect - doesn't take up to much space and still provides seats for our football-watching/ Catchphrase-playing friends!
Here are some of the pieces I liked...

I quickly realized that most of my favorites were traditional Camelback sofas in updated fabric....More to come on the settee search and other projects around the house!


  1. Hey Sarah! Found your blog through Pinterest! I love the chevron patterned one! Have you thought about recovering your current sofa?


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