No Time Like the Present...

Welcome to my blog :)
I have been working on this and "thinking" about writing my first post and getting myself out there for quite a while now. Today while tinkering with the colors and such I accidentally clicked the button to start a new post and took that as a here we go!

I love everything about "home" - there really is no place like it (thanks to Dorothy for pointing that out).

I love interior design and I am in the process of going back to school and starting my own business. I hope to use this blog as a gateway to gain advice from other bloggers/ readers and to share the ups and downs of my journey as well as all of the other loves in my life (ie. my new hubby, cooking, traveling, etc...)

As for the name of my blog...."Timeless Style" is something I try to embody in all aspects of my life, in my personal style, my entertaining style and most importantly in the spaces I design. When it comes to interiors, I believe that any style can be timeless. Whether the space is modern, traditional, eclectic, contemporary, etc. it can be timeless. If executed correctly it will be a space you will live in and love for years to come...
Enjoy :)


  1. Hi! Good for you for putting yourself out there and starting your blog and business! I stumbled onto your blog today and am happy I did - great posts so far. Good Luck! Look forward to reading more from you.


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