Busy Busy Bee :)

Once again I have neglected my poor fledgling little blog for too long however this time I have good reasons! Things are absolutely WACKY in my world right now. I plan events at a University for my "day job" and the first big one of the fall is TOMORROW!!! which mean I have been *literally* running around like a crazy woman....maybe that would be a good Halloween costume!

Speaking of Halloween...for the first time ever I have NO PLANS for the spooky holiday which makes me feel very old :( Our weekend is slam packed and I feel sad to say that I will probably be fast asleep before the Trick-or-Treaters come around tomorrow night.

On a very happy note...I got my first comment :) :) Thanks Camilla! I was beginning to feel like I was talking...er...typing to myself!

Have a goolishly-good weekend :)

image via Apartment Therapy



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