Lovely Letters

I'm back! Once again I have neglected my poor little fledgling blog :( I think traveling for my "real job" for 2 days without a computer and being sick for 2 days is a good excuse to take a blog-cation!

Today while perusing my daily reads, I happened upon a post from 2 other bloggers and decided to join the club. Jenny posted about this blog today with a pic of her gorgeous letter and then Bryn posted about these lovely letter as well.

I have a serious soft spot for all things monogrammed, however my last name initial *I* seems to be red-headed-step-child in the world of gorgeous typography...until now.

I am going to print this and use it in my home :)

I think I will use it to make something like this from John and Sherry over at Young House Love but with my own text - maybe our wedding vows??
Now go check them out and find your own lovely letter :)
Happy Friday!


  1. That is going to look amazing hung up in your home! I'm off to check out if my letters have gotten done yet!


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