I'd rather be blogging....

If you live in the mid/south east you are probably aware that we are in for a huge winter storm starting tomorrow. Well I will be driving right into it while heading up to DC for the weekend. Point being I really should be: A) doing laundry, B) cleaning up the seriously herendous mess I made in the kitchen earlier while making lasagna for a new mommy and daddy (see below) or C) preparing for one of the three interviews I have on monday and tuesday.

Who needs to do things like that when you have two majorly more important things to do like:

A) Snuggle this delicious bundle for 2.5 hours 

B) Tell you that I would most certainly give my first born to have this  indescribably lovely Turquoise Empire Chandelier by Marjorie Skouras (from the new HB) my dining room.... did I ever mention it (my dining room) is turquoise and red... probably not... because it is not finished. 
*disclaimer: for those of you who think I am a horrible, heartless person who would give up her child for a piece of home decor... I do not currently have a first, second, third or nineteenth born and I am sure I will not give them up when I do.... ok, maybe just loan them out?? :) jk of course. 

Now back to my much less exciting list of to-dos...


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